Keeping and maintaining an investment property takes a lot of time, effort, and can be very stressful. At J&M Realty we pride ourselves in creating simple, stress free solutions for you. Whether you own one property, or multiple properties, we have the expertise to manage and maximize profit on all aspects of your real estate investment.

Our philosophy is to keep vacancy rates low and turnover to a minimum by keeping our tenants (customers) happy and, in turn, this keeps our owners happy.  But don’t mistake this statement,  we work hard for our owners, our goal is to maximize your profit and minimize your headache!

We have state of the art software that allows property owners to have 24/7 access to accounting reports and up to the minute status of your property’s cash flow. Each property owner is provided with an log-in that allows them to view when tenants have paid rent, what bills have come in, and many other accounting records. This portal allows both property owners and tenants to log-in and make requests that go directly to our staff allowing us to handle them appropriately and quickly. Working with us you will never sit on hold or navigate a telephone system to get what you need. This software also allows us to collect rental applications electronically and conduct screenings via our website. And when it come to finding new tenants, the software will store records of all rental ads allowing us to re-list your property instantly to multiple websites with a click of a button.


1099′s are sent out every tax season along with a detailed statement that shows all income and expenses for your property. Your accountant will hug you when they get your investment property’s records!

Tenant Screening 

J&M Realty screens all tenants prior to signing a lease. We look at the tenants previous credit, any prior evictions, and their criminal background. Our screening techniques are a proven method to get the most qualified tenant that will pay rent on time, won’t destroy your place, and will keep your property a safe environment.

Tenant Placement

We use multiple avenues to market and advertise your property keeping vacancy time short. Our automated tools allow us to immediately post vacant properties to websites such as Zillow, HotPads, Trulia, Craigslist, and many others. We also use yard signs and other traditional methods as well.

Our ultimate goal is to keep your property occupied with quality tenants, who will care for it, and pay the rent on time.


Tenants have two ways to report any maintenance problems. The preferable method is through our tenant portal and submit a ticket. Once the ticket is submitted it is immediately sent to our staff via email or phone. By doing this any maintenance request will allow us to provide a historical report of all tickets that have been resolved and any cost associated with the fix.

For emergencies, the tenant will be provided a dedicated phone number that goes directly to Dan Shannon or Chris Martinez. Dan will handle all mountain property requests, and Chris will handle all Denver metro requests.

When a tenant has a maintenance issue the first hour of the evaluation is free. If its a minor problem we will fix it on the spot at no charge. If the problem requires a professional contractor, or takes longer than the initial hour, the owner will have the option to be contacted and participate in facilitating with the repair. We have contractors whom we have contracted with in the past that can handle just about anything that may come up.


Incoming Property Inspection:
With every new client we perform a incoming property inspection. This allows us, and the property owner, to identify any issues that currently exist with the property.

Routine Property Inspections:
We perform inspection twice a year. We provide you with a detailed report about status of your property. These inspections make certain the tenant is maintaining the property and also keeps the homeowner informed about the condition of their property. If any damage is noticed, photos will be taken of the area and included in the report.

Outgoing Property Inspections:
When a tenant moves out the property it will be put through the same inspection process before the tenant moved in. If any repairs need to be done a deduction will be withdrawn from the tenants deposit to cover the cost.

Evictions are rare, but when they need to happen J&M Realty has a team of lawyers to assist in the legalities to remove the tenant(s) from your property and make sure all money is collected. Our lawyers are nearly flawless in ruling in favor of the landlord. They are also quick and efficient at navigating the courts eviction process.

Section 8 housing
If your property qualifies as a Section 8 property we have experience with and can assist in the application process.

Specialized Services
Specialized services include yard maintenance, snow removal, bill pay, increased inspections, and other customizable needs you may have.

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